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Founder. A Showrunner. A Writer. An Executive Producer. 


Arnold has created and executive produced two primetime television shows for NBC. "Emerald City" starring Vincent D'Onofrio (a big budget re-imagining of the Wizard Of Oz). "Siberia" (an independently financed supernatural thriller).


He also wrote and directed the feature film "Shadow People" starring Dallas Roberts, and Allison Eastwood for Anchor Bay Films. He has enjoyed two blind script deals with major studios: Warner Brothers Television and Legendary Pictures. Recently he sold the series "The Black Tapes" to NBC-Universal. He is currently in development on a new series for Dark Horse Productions / Netflix.  Arnold is a graduate of USC's School Of Cinema-Television with an MFA in Film & TV Production. He also holds a BS in Physics and Philosophical Metaphysics from Centre College.

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